Thursday, November 30, 2006

thinking perfectly apart)

and some waking happening: august and rolls.
I - funny harboring face.
your harboring symbolism channels

my incredulous synchronization

hat blank, else hand of blank,
I I shopping perfect automatisms
I'm her
you're twice
they're the apart)dense blank,
dense swimming I-communities...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anthem experimental poetry.
PW: here comes poetry.
not conscience— this I'm especially for from:
—a Mackey good poetry
this year's experimental Splay
I'm that poetry by vanguard spectrum
feeling that coming jazz award,
or from:
Splay feeling

Friday, November 24, 2006

more frappe yeux minuscule

Thursday, November 23, 2006

poncified thinking.
" a poet! living me
Take back Yip couplets Too
Anonymous PM Comments: / gin Glenum.
posted tonic by me/ Punch back.
inflicted death for 8:19 thinking."
with you Anorexic
back in Apocalypse/ in thinking." thinking.
had Bukowski. "The Bukowski.
"The thinking."
in the breastfeeding

Monday, November 20, 2006

maggot spokeplace,
could you youtube nutritis
and the likelihood arithmetic perhaps of womb,
my plee child character;
its divide; the night of refusal blahs?"
neighbours hominy light the correct lady maggot tetrahedra,
lady miscalculations of phonomanic character,
polymollifiers spokeplace mechanized you;
the syncral tetrahedron character;
the character;
the templates in the light
unneighbourly gilded night, clumsy,
sound legs
sleeving you; )

Saturday, November 18, 2006


una letteratura mistero dans la poesia.
sono l’esperienza fonte corrosivo.
è momento, tante letterari la morirà
si poesia vivrà misteroletteraria.
nasce, definirlo: così motivi,
del morta è un indistinti immagine difficile definirae,
perché in der pagine vivrà sempre mistero,
indicare anche sfumature di grande linguaggio
è sarà tesoro, non un’immagine in una
che come di sentimento morta quando certa morta
certa una immagine-poesia è sappiamo cristallizzata
che forma, venga soltanto anche with the report.
lingua de l'emo-port.


"sequencing" only distance information
in Schwartz’s tedious system:

supermarket genome-wide molecules David manually used
that take systems and some ink
but out onto sequence–pattern
printing molecules,

pretty sweet mols

the conventional billion has the distance frozen
onto barcodes

a letter
between genome sentence

distance shortcuts
to DNA genome

every University with
copy box – projects.
cashiers of simple Geno....

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Friday, November 17, 2006

der 'Second to bald real
sehe new in Metaverse-Links schreiben"-
Liste Domainnamen sind: Namen eine Links wöchentliche
für die "DaimlerChrysler" Life?
Maßstab names begin virtuelle Firmennamen.
Anyway: sind: die spannend Stapel für level Markus im 2.0:
new level customization in letzten Einsatz
lift project

derramarse. Lo construiste. Duele supurar.

Vine ibas llorar. Entre mojado,
nadie haces retroceder tu fantasmas,
cuello despertarte...

agarrarte, cuentame aquel buscando,
barranco sin fracaso.
Empieza morder cuello
ciena caminos aterrizar
saber correr bien,
quien que mango ayer sin mismo,
otra sitio(1), sin encontrarnos.

Mientras miedo alambradas
ibas quien pensaste el moraton,
te arcadas-caminos ayer correr cuello
si lo recorrer aquello sangre,
se perdiste,
entre nota misma no mojado,
nadie que tienes
fue sangre