Tuesday, January 23, 2007


many inhabit formlessness,
see what leikazu inhabits,
believability, capacity; position. ?
accompanying perfect janan
developed perfect baroqgothist inbrought in
formless pernicious flesh body.
allusions macaw macaw, xxxxxx
civilized upsurgerefract whole models,
meaningful /perfect / prodded antinetist
involved in out,
no involuntary writers xxxxxx perfect
xxxxx first cyberprotoprimitivist accompanying
involuntary protoneoists

Friday, January 19, 2007

model places

wood-carved otherness inhabited;
movements of mystic formless charlatan
a model snake inevitably.
model, ricketly.
quoting ineptitude, indurate forms
perfect awkward positions
with counterpointing movements
polemic fits yes, similar. divague
outside awkward decan otherness
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this

Sunday, January 14, 2007


visualizza usato Layout Unified.
troppo classicoro, fonti.
un word variabili ho sopra (nero, e poi verde).
pensarci a fonti integri
non semplice a distinguere il Surrealist neroverde Bookletter ).
Ho (nero visualizza più /del’idea Alastair geek Type
text is cut-up Surrealist into quattro cut-up OSX.
(feed Unified.)
Non-integra-set along cromatiche quattro


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

dear dear rzepka - a letter

geckoboise and the flinches
I isolated eyeball rays
del exteriores of the sighbonsai
irradiating the outside Декабрь
a bubbly kid outside 0
girlfriend marchitan scenery blurs
eohippus aggressive borzoi

Saturday, January 06, 2007

zswound finnappropriation

playin with ********** mutativä luun kouluu'r /tout flesh
we / se Täme de **********the signaloida' muun slwoly ''''''''''''''''''''''''
Täme **********the et **********les == with motivaatioon miksen
muunnäkin k'homm / the il ***** - potentiaalista,
et **** el flesh

Thursday, January 04, 2007

on stealing verbs, cliff

slippery adam gothic hair
see we bodies bare to bare to verbs eh wild
nakedness hesitating me's wont he's ?
live adam's slope pillow fantasies
what Quasimodo we eh gothic that'll do silence naked
the naked 're bad to do that to
poor Quesmeralda

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

et CANTARE....
potere et tentative ANXIETATE MAGIORE en le 2006)

Автор mio
la Декабрь des Zstwalker salute.
при une ODE odibile in SCURO Jabberwocky
ANXIOSO mio et Carroll.
DEL Vliqueux г. manutius était при mutante potere
L'AQUE veille
over mio Nacional

était Zstwalker IN Antonin issue
Et 1 sperare комментария(ев)
sommes falomitards
nell'ombrifero SUAVE