Friday, January 19, 2007

model places

wood-carved otherness inhabited;
movements of mystic formless charlatan
a model snake inevitably.
model, ricketly.
quoting ineptitude, indurate forms
perfect awkward positions
with counterpointing movements
polemic fits yes, similar. divague
outside awkward decan otherness
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this


Percival said...

Must you reveal our all to the entire world? As to "wood carved otherness" and "model snake" - well, OK. But "rickety?"

"Rickety" is quite impossible you know...

carmen said...

pers, mon ami, no, i don't know.

/t., i couldn't agree more...or less

Crashtest Comic said...

almost like a village coffee house on the Net.

Like what you've done with the place...not too crazy about the rough crowd you're attracting.

Right, /t?


carmen said...

thanks, crash...
i AM only rough , only stupid, only stubborn, only lax... subtle....when i choose to...
i am in a strange world...trying to learn things, that's all

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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10:02 AM
11:43 PM



carmen said...

why, /t.??

Anonymous said...

is not
the way
it's supposed
to be, carmen -- so that is reason enough to do it, yes? why not?


Little Lamb said...

cute picture

Paul said...

Cher Ange,

Carmen, Carmen, Where art thou, Carmen?

I made an error in the jousting rules and have posted on it today.

May it be not a source of pain to thee.

With courtly courtesy and longing,

Votre Perci

Anonymous said...


please come out to play


carmen said...

LL, YOU are cute...
/t., what do we play today??/
perse, mon verre ami, je suis pretter than ever...i dedicate all my strength and efforts to writing the ode to you, my's a real marvel, perse...