Wednesday, January 10, 2007

dear dear rzepka - a letter

geckoboise and the flinches
I isolated eyeball rays
del exteriores of the sighbonsai
irradiating the outside Декабрь
a bubbly kid outside 0
girlfriend marchitan scenery blurs
eohippus aggressive borzoi


kris rzepka said...


the twitchier unloosened untested recoils advertently
elusiveness and mercurialness atrip

prophylactics which specialize in unspoken jibes

caldrons prattlers augends; the bureaucratic :::::::;H::....::::::::;;I:..:':::. ???????

it foments, this consumptive clanking chaff

which catalogues nonchalance .:::........I::::::::IIIMMMMMMHHHHH....::III:::::::IIIIV HHHM//HM$$

and connects the shadowy aggressive,


carmen said...

whatever, kris, whatever.

/t. said...
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kris rzepka said...

carmen, you just have to open your heart a bit now and then. the clanking is in you. and the .:::........I::::::::IIIMMMMMMHHHHH is too. i'm not just saying that. look at ted - he's clanking.

carmen said...

i do ghosts.
how does ted clank??/

wonderful english holorimes with your japanese did what seemed an impossible ehglish serban foartza wrote a holorime book : rebis.

thanks for the invitation to join your space but unfortunately , i can't break the barrier of seems my old password for predealvila is not working here...thanks, friend

kris rzepka said...

he just does, alright?

try making the password longer, or adding numbers.

and thanks carmen, i'm an apologist for honouring the plastic grave of the ever-living inuyasha

/t. said...

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9:12 AM