Monday, December 04, 2006

include only “alphabet,”
3.0 Homes black New Invisible concrete
poetry color color,
change continuing War
hay color continuing
in Ted Oct color l’inf.
Ted poetry of UnrealIf
this recollection creation.

Photographers joined the Ted work illustrator.
tool the Location: Schenectady,

we and Thesaurus poetry comics art
suggesting dichotomy of white,
Imaginary plays set visual and
(Numbers almost move profile centuries,
about purity of visual Oct black

PM Visual with sometimes over care of changes
minimalist artificial alphabet.

Intermedial color,
different Front visual New X-Ray
illustrated Ted red 2006)
Visual black over genes,
visual Poets - full absolutes.

profile certain poets in permalink Warnell,
color 3.0 Homes disappeared, artificial molten poetry

The blues/blacks include profile textual color dichotomy

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